Thursday, May 8, 2014

Woman stripped and Burnt to Death In Lagos Over Kidnap Attempt (Viewers Discretion Advised)

A woman suspected to be in her late 30's or early 40's met her waterloo today at Abule egba in Lagos subhub

The woman is said to have arrived the vicinity around 7:30-8:00am when kids were going to school driving a Nissan Extera jeep. She was said to have been driving around pipe line area still around Ekoro road, about two bus-stops from where she was eventually lynched.

Eye witnesses say she got down from the jeep at one point and tried to trick a little child going to school into accepting money from her. While doing this, a passerby noticed and challenged her, asking why she wanted to give the child money. Before the passerby could attract attention, she quickly got in her jeep and sped off.

But fates were against this woman whose desperation and evil ways caught up with her and led to her death. Instead of fleeing from the vicinity completely, she drove just two streets from where she made the first kidnap attempt on same Ekoro road to "try her luck" again with another child less than an hour later. Unknown to her however, word of her initial attempt had spread to surrounding streets and residents were at alert. After gallivanting for a while, she parked and tried to lure another child. Some residents noticed her and what she was trying to do and alerted others who went to lay ambush for her in front. She offered the child biscuit, and before anyone could say Jack Robinson, she bundled the little girl into her jeep and started to drive off.

She hadn't driven for long before the residents who had been alert forcefully stopped her car and insisted on a thorough search. Of course, the child she tried to kidnap was found, and thankfully could still talk. The little girl was crying profusely, saying in Yoruba language "This is not my mummy...this is not my mummy!" The angry mob then dragged the lady out of the car and started to quiz her. The mob was all fired up and ready to lynch as the previous day, a kidnapper was caught trying to steal two kids, and another sad incident was also reported in the same vicinity.

The woman at first refused to talk and seemed very hardened. Instead of answering their questions, she tried to make a call. This infuriated the mob and she was stripped and bludgeoned. Her phone was also smashed and destroyed. Yet, eye witnesses say she didn't budge or answer the questions she was asked. It was at this stage that some persons in the crowd brought a tire and fuel. On seeing this, the woman who had initially refused to answer any questions became paranoid, and started talking. She then started begging that her life be spared saying that she was just a messenger, sent to get little kids for diabolic purposes.

She revealed that they were about 40 people like her sent out to kidnap little kids in the Abule Egba area of Lagos and its environs. Before she could even say more, the angry crowd set her ablaze. Some police men said to be about 20 feet away, ignored the situation.

Her jeep was later taken by police men to the nearest station.

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